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On this day in 1962, John Glenn, aboard Friendship 7, became the first American to orbit the earth. I remember watching from pre-launch till splash... Show more

I was saddened to hear of Toni Myers’ passing.

As a fan of the space program from its inception to present day, Toni’s work in creating numerous IMAX...
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The CTA, Consumer Technology Association, issued a press release with its forecast of the leading products and predicted retail volume to be a... Show more

Never looking back - Samsung, per CNET “will no longer introduce new Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray player models in the US market”

Streaming gets better all...
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I wanted to be sure my followers were aware of some very good work from a friend, @STEVEBFX. RT if you will.

Check out the new Blazique single...
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Tracking the numbers - Presidents’ weekend box office was slow compared to last year when Black Panther generated big $$.

1 Alita: Battle Angel...
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It’s throwback Thursday.

Many of the articles/blogs we have published over the years as a part of our consulting team work, are timeless in nature...
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It was sad to hear today about the passing of Heidi Toffler, widow of noted futurist Alvin Toffler and co-author of their many books. RIP

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Amazon announces this morning that it is pulling out of its proposed HQ2 NYC location. It is always about jobs and throwing away 25,000 jobs, even... Show more

Tracking the numbers – Weekend Box office

1 Lego Movie 2 $34m (Cost $99M – ouch!)
2 What Men Want $19m
3 Cold Pursuit $10m
4 The Upside $7m
5 Glass...
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It’s pretty amazing to see the report that 'The Simpsons' Renewed for Season 31 and 32 at Fox.

Could a show starting “today” achieve that? I doubt it.

Listening in on @AWS Virtual Transformation Day. #ContinuingEducation Several compelling topics on the agenda.

I had an interesting cord cutting discussion today.

ICYMI, here is what @DavidLaz @LATimes wrote on the topic the other day. It will resonate with...
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Tracking the numbers - CBS’ Release presents additional Super Bowl detail including: “Streaming coverage of Super Bowl LIII set viewership records,... Show more

Weekend box office - lowest Super Bowl Weekend in 20 years.

1 Glass $9.5M
2 The Upside $8.8M
3 Miss Bala $6.7M
4 Aquaman $4.7
5 Spider-Man: Into the...
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Streaming media announcement of the day - UltraViolet, a web based locker for the digital version of DVDs purchased, and supported by all studios... Show more

Marty Shindler shared a photo. 3 weeks ago

Comics reflect reality - tracking the numbers - if you are presenting the results, don’t lie with statistics, make sure your numbers are both... Show more

Tracking the numbers - there are/will be a lot of stats related to the Super bowl. Nielsen writes “Is Bigger Better? New England Patriots And Los... Show more

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Attending @IHSMarkit Technology Webinar Hey Alexa, Siri, Google and Cortana: Who's the best AI assistant? with presenters Luca De Ambroggi, Kevin... Show more

Tracking the numbers - weekend box office

1. Glass $19m
2. The Upside $12m
3. Aquaman $7.3m
4. The Kid Who Would Be King $7.2m (ouch! Cost > $60M)...
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