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Looks like continued changes at AT&T’s WarnerMedia with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment now responsible for all HBO and Turner product.

Future of TV - Changes in the works.

Early morning and evening news are ultra competitive businesses as is cable news. @CBS doing a dramatic shift...
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Comics reflect reality - I suspect that there are many who see this can relate to it.

Many such groups are still around and continue to perform. We...
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Tracking the numbers - Domestic box office this weekend

1 Avengers: Endgame $145m - phenomenal! 2nd best 2nd weekend ever. #2 all time now >$2B WW...
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Tracking the numbers
AVENGERS: ENDGAME roll call – Global to date per @ERCBoxoffice
US/CAN $619M
CHN $575M
UK $90M
KOR $82M
MEX $61M
BRA $56M
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It is National Astronauts Day. I am honored to have met 6 over the course of many years, including 3 of them on several occasions:

Dr. Buzz Aldrin...
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A day after National Space Day, it is Star Wars Day. May the fourth be with you.

In what is likely to be a game changing purchase, Sinclair @WeAreSinclair, with partner Byron Allen, has purchased the 21 regional sports networks... Show more

Today is National Space Day. Is it coincidence that tomorrow is Star Wars Day?
ICYMI, here is our blog on Enterprising the...
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It was sad to hear that Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca in Star Wars has died. RIP.

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Comics reflect reality - it is a concept that transcends all manner of businesses and organizations - many of which would be better off in all sorts... Show more

Tracking the numbers - it is always said, that when there is a good movie, the crowds turn out. This weekend was no exception. Avengers total was... Show more

Tracking the numbers - Avengers: Endgame has opened internationally and has pulled in $169M in Box Office.

It is just a few hours before the movie...
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Streaming media announcement of the day - Netflix is issuing $2 Billion of junk bonds to finance increased production spending.

Even with increased...
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Comics reflect reality - to be successful a company needs a viable product/service and a management team that can execute on the strategies and... Show more

The LA Times reports that 17 AMC Theaters will remain open 72 hours straight this weekend to accommodate the crowds for Avengers: Endgame. Other AMC... Show more

Tracking the numbers- weekend box office

Domestic top 5:

1 Curse of La Llorona $26.5m ($30M Intl)
2 Shazam! $17m
3 Breakthrough $11m
4 Captain...
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At 1:46 PM PDT @NorthropGrumman will be launching an Enhanced Cygnus spacecraft on a cargo resupply mission to the International @Space_Station for... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - financial projections are vital for every organization from start up to those that are publicly traded.

We regularly advise...
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I just finished reading AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order by Kai-Fu Lee, former head of Google China and Microsoft Exec... Show more