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John W. Coleman uploaded a new media, AES '16 Soyuz Mics yesterday

AES '16 Soyuz Mics

Streaming media announcement of the day - NetFlix continues its dominance, adding 7.05M new subs, total now 93.8 worldwide, with 49.4 in the US... Show more

Well, if you didn't make it to AES, NO WORRIES! I've just posted another RoundTable Video from the show. Even if you're not an audiophile you should... Show more

John W. Coleman uploaded a new media, AES '16 Overview with Frank Wells 2 days ago

AES '16 Overview with Frank Wells

NFL ratings - Fox afternoon telecast of the Cowboys - Packers game was the largest since the Super bowl with 48.5M viewers. Evening game averaged... Show more

Sad to hear that Gene Cernan, last person to walk on the moon, has passed away. An American hero. RIP

Box office for the holiday weekend should be good w Hidden Figures, Patriots Day, Rogue One, La La Land et al leading the way. Silence and Live by... Show more

Ouch! Although expected, LA Times today says Monster Trucks from Paramount will be the 1st “box office wreck of 2017.” Par wrote off $115 M last... Show more

Streaming media announcement of the day - Amazon is launching an anime channel for Prime members for $4.99/mo. >1000 episodes, current & classics. Show more

Marty Shindler shared a photo. 1 week ago

Comics reflect reality - This is how it would be if the studios did not rely on film critics from the trades, LA Times, et al.

John W. Coleman updated blog post 10 Bad Audio Habits To Avoid! in Top Ten 1 week ago

Well, happy New Year! I've got one great way for you to make 2017 the best year ever. It's to help you make fewer costly errors. You know, as the say for Doctors, "first do no harm!" So, I came across this super article by audio engineer, Blag Iva ...

Accurate ommunication is important if for no other reason than it saves time. Unfortunately most people misuse three terms which are crucial to the relationship between Director and Editor. INSERT, CUTAWAY and B-Roll are ...

Apple is reportedly close to finalizing a plan to get into producing original content. Not a streaming announcement yet, but still Marching Toward... Show more

It is reported that George Lucas has selected Los Angeles over San Francisco for his $1B Museum of Narrative Art. San Francisco is the runner up,... Show more

Congrats to all of nominees - you are all winners - of the @VFXSociety 15th Awards. Lots of fine work represented in what will be competitive voting.

TV Ratings - The Golden Globes had an 8% increase over ‘16, which was a 4% decline from the prior year. Will the trend continue in other Awards’... Show more

John W. Coleman added a new event 2 weeks ago

Bring Your Script To Life...with Cinematography, Lighting...

The so-called technical aspects of filmmaking are crucial...

  • Wednesday, 18 January 2017 06:00 PM
  • Anaheim, CA
Marty Shindler shared a photo. 2 weeks ago

Comics reflect reality - Dilbert has it right. How often have you wondered, “were we both listening to the same conversation?” Words are taken out... Show more

Putting time in perspective 2 - it was 10 years ago today that the iPhone was introduced. The smartphone has changed virtually everything. US now #4... Show more

Putting time in perspective -yesterday, Jan 8, in 1987, the DJIA crossed the 2000 mark for the first time. Analysts now looking at 20000 in the near... Show more