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John W. Coleman created new blog post Are Journalists Exempt From Civility? in Around the Table 19 hours 36 minutes ago

Reading with interest an article in the NYT, entitled "Rough Tre ...

Last night, RountTable member Anne Ganguzza Was the featured presenter on a special Webinar "How to make $$ Live Streaming Interactive Webinars for... Show more

JD -- tell us about your upcoming Carolina Media Pros organizing get-together --have you sent out invites yet?

I just updated the info on our MCAI Legacy page--check it out go to

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If you're in the OC and are interested in picking up some used personal production gear - some at low cost, some free - check out my website:... Show more

Trailers often are often very telling as the Pirates trailer was less than compelling. Initial reviews support that. Will the ticket buying public... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - even the cartoonists, as they are referred to here, have an awards program. Who will win? Which is your favorite?

Weekend box office - Alien Covenant narrowly beats out Guardians 2, with $36M and $35.3 respectively. Pirates of the Caribbean and Baywatch next... Show more

One of the very smart articles I read this week is a CNBC op ed, entitled 5 lessons for companies that plan to survive Amazon. Although not written... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - Never too early to learn the rules of the road, although future generations may never learn to drive a car.

Streaming media announcement of the day - announced prior -- today is the first of 20 Fridays that Facebook will be streaming a Major League... Show more

In service of story - republished by @EBOnline, the premier online community for global supply chain professionals

Hey, Best wishes to our pals in the Carolinas--former MCAI Chapter now re-organizing as Carolina Media Pros --IS the name official yet? And I hear... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - With all that has occurred with airlines recently, we may yet see this via Facebook live. Will re-accommodation be added to... Show more

Streaming media announcement of the day - Financial news start up Cheddar raises $19M from Amazon, AT&T & others. Can they compete w CNBC, Fox... Show more

Working to get Carolina Media Pros up to speed and working on a media festival for November, lets hope the stars line up!

In Service of Story - Displaying the Future, our latest newsletter sent out today. If you are not on the Shindler list, read it here.

Listening in on @WirelessWeek webinar VR and AR are pushing connectivity limits: What Role will 5G Play? All evolving but at different growth rates... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - unfortunately this how too many decisions are made