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Marty Shindler posted a comment on Digital Hollywood, Fall 2016, Zettabytes 8 hours 57 minutes ago

Well done, Art.

ICYMI @TechCatGirl Lori H. Schwartz podcast discussing the Future of TV & other tech topics from spring @DigitalHwood

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Art Kirsch updated blog post Digital Hollywood, Fall 2016, Zettabytes in Around the Table 9 hours 54 minutes ago

Digital Hollywood is the premier conference for those who create and distribute digital content of entertainment related materials.  With the explosion of video (including virtual reality forms) being delivered over the Internet, several pane ...

Yahoo Sports poll indicates 40% of Fans Blame NFL's Ratings Drop on National Anthem Protests. Do you agree? SNF ratings out later today.

We've seen some wonderful new tech tools emerge in the last few years. They now appear to be more than ready to be employed by creatives and the buzz is deafening. Our good friend Marcelo Lewin is one who has gone all in on 360 and Virtual Relaity ...

Marty Shindler shared a photo. yesterday

The Future of Film panel @DigitalHwood as seen from the POV of the audience. Well attended. Thanks, Art Kirsch for the photo.

AT&T in talks to buy Time Warner. Many synergies, but I have to wonder if TW would be better with a large tech co that would bring a more innovative culture... Show more

Streaming media announcement of the day - Google reportedly starting a skinny bundle service 1Q17 that will include CBS & NFL on CBS & others... Show more

2 engaging & information driven panels yesterday at Digital Hollywood, well received & attended. Streams avail soon.

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Great meeting at SoCal Media Pros las night! Prof Location Scout & Location Mgr, Liz Ervin shared insights and stories from behind the camera! Wow!

RoundTable's Art Kirsch and Marty Schindler will both be at DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD gathering this week. Marty moderating 2 industry panels and Art... Show more

Marty Shindler shared a photo. 1 week ago

Comics reflect reality - the problem is there are few pay phones left and by the time smart car become more prevalent, there will be even fewer.

NFL ratings were off last night again, 24% compared to last year and 28% from 2 years ago. The game did not compete with a debate. Is is the... Show more

Trends in the marketplace - movie ownership through EST slowing as consumers prefer VOD. Where will the bottom occur?

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Early ratings report the Sunday night NFL off 7% from the week before to a season low, with the debate off 20% from the prior pres event, but ahead... Show more

NFL ratings have been sliding and tonight on NBC it will be opposite the debate, on multiple outlets. Ratings and related spin will be known tomorrow.

NFL ratings continue to slide. Thursday was down 20% from the same week last year, but still was #1 for the night. NFL blames election coverage for the... Show more

2 weeks until @DigitalHwood. Future of TV panel to include: NBCU John Corser @corserinc Darren Cross @dlamarc @Ericsson's @ted_malone Piper Jaffray... Show more

2 weeks until @DigitalHwood Oct 19. Future of Film panel to include: @deloitte @michaeljenson Piper Jaffray @GeneMunsterSays Guy Primus... Show more

Attending PWC Alumni Network @strategyand webinar The new world of Digital Operations: The critical path to building an effective strategy. Show more