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#FutureofTV, #SkinnyBundles & #MarchingTowardTippingPoint all a part of this analysis from @DavidLaz

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We’ll be attending Cinemacon this week. Read our blog on Strategizing CinemaCon 2017 & Futuring Cinema at a Crossroads

Box office - Beauty and the Beast, as predicted was #1 for the weekend with Power Rangers exceeding mixed expectations at #2. The former is on its way... Show more

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Little Indianapolis hosting the NFL Combine two weeks ago! Here's one of the shotgun ops at a presser catching questions from the sports reporters... Show more

As a customer, I have not been a fan of Time Warner Cable for a long time. I have been willing to give Charter Spectrum a chance to do better since... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - sometimes it is easier said than done. Agree? Disagree?

Box office - it’s looking as though Beauty & the Beast will reign as #1 again this weekend. Will Power Rangers eke out #2? Analysts have concerns due... Show more

Worldwide box office up only 1% in ‘16 due in large part to China dropping 1%. It will be several more years before China is the #1 market. Tracking the... Show more

Streaming media announcement of the day - Warner deal with iQIYI in China where the majority of movie/TV viewing is streamed, mostly to mobile... Show more

NFL ratings - dropped last season. Kaepernick in limbo and the reduction in commercials for NFL broadcasts. Will it make a difference this year? TBD.

While I never met TV pioneer Chuck Barris, I saw first hand the results of his work. In my 2nd time working for Coopers & Lybrand (PWC), I was... Show more

Tracking the numbers - Leichtman Research reports a net loss of 759K video subs in ‘16 across all providers compared to a loss of 445K in ‘15... Show more

Tracking the numbers - Great ww box office for Beauty & the Beast & 5.8% YTD increase over prior year should make for a positive @Cinemacon next week.

Production tax credits - it’s competitive in the global market - Korea announces credits 10% for small companies, 7% for mid & 3% for congloms.

ICYMI - It is all about jobs in one place or another. California production tax credits continue to enable shows initially shot elsewhere to come... Show more

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VO Peeps Workout

Box office - great weekend for Beauty & the Beast - expecting > $170 domestic per @THR and could be the biggest PG opening weekend ever. Updated... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - Ratings wars - Is Rachel Maddow looking for another bump in her ratings?

Marty Shindler shared a photo. 1 week ago

Comics reflect reality - Outrage of the day - sometimes real, sometimes feigned. Happens in many offices. @ScottAdamsSays knows.