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Oscar TV ratings - last year’s show lowest in 8 years. Wondering if this survey will be reflected in the ratings? Future box office of those... Show more

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Oscar TV Ratings - were at an 8 year low in ‘16. Wondering is that is why The Academy is squeezing more $ out of the event this year. Are lower... Show more

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In his annual letter, legendary investor Warren Buffett is upbeat about the prospects for business in America.

On this day in 1940 a National Hockey League game was televised for the first time by New York City station W2XBS.
Sports of all kinds continues to be a...
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ICYMI - The DJIA closed up again for the 11th day in a row - each day at a record close. At some point there will be some profit taking, but perhaps it is... Show more

Clean up month at Disney - or so it seems as 80 are laid off at Maker Studios. It seems that this is the latest wave as there seems to be a slow... Show more

Hong Kong Disneyland reports 2016 loss due to “continuing slump” in attendance, partly due to slowing mainland economy. Last week it was issues w... Show more

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Dow Jones Industrial Average closed today at its ninth-straight record-setting day to mark a winning streak not seen since 1987.

Small business optimism, the heart of the economy, grew in Jan 17 to its highest level since 2004. Reduced regulation, spiraling healthcare costs... Show more

Attending #WhyProjectsFail Combat Taking On Too Much And Align For Success webinar from @PointB. It is an issue we see with our advisory clients as... Show more

Streaming media announcement of the day - Facebook in talks to stream one MLB game per week. One more step toward being a bona fide CDN. Show more

If you peruse  RoundTable's  HEADLINES Page regularly you may have seen this story from TV Technology. ...

LA Mayor Garcetti announces in his election campaign he wants to expand film credits by “hundreds of millions” of dollars. Current program expires... Show more

Late night wars - Variety reports that Jimmy Kimmel considering retiring after 14 years of late night. Contract does not expire for 2+ years. Will... Show more

Looking forward to keep up with all the great people from MCAI who I've met over the years.

Reports out of Massachusetts indicate that the Governor’s attempts to do away with the production tax credit have failed. This continues to be... Show more

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Weekend box office shaping up with Lego Batman Movie #1 & Fifty Shades #2. Great Wall underperforming & A Cure for Wellness is not well. Final #s... Show more