RTM AD Syndication Program

SYNDICATE YOUR AD! (and save $$$)

ADVERTISEEveryone loves a good Deal and we've got a great one for you! Get twice the exposure for your online advertisement for half the price by taking advantage of a new marketing arrangement between RoundTable.Media and the non-profit SoCal Media Pros. Both organizations target the influential professional media audience!

Because SoCal is an all-volunteer charity corp., up until now it depended solely on the efforts of members to market any of their potential advertising. But now, RoundTable.Media can offer you repeated, significant access to their members as part of a deal that will syndicate your Ad to both audiences! Your ad will be seen on both websites as well as all newsletter mailings for a full year! Put together, your ad will get 137,000 estimated impressions from being in 60 different newsletters and being on both these popular websites.

For $500 your 300 x 250 pixel medium rectangle ad* will play for one year in the right column of both www.RoundTable.Media and www.SoCalMediaPros.org websites. In addition, your advertisement will be seen in approximately 60 newsletters (five per month combined) sent by the two organizations. (*You supply the artwork and images)

While there is some overlap between RoundTable's and SoCal's lists of media professionals this is irrelevant to any advertising because recipients on each list are getting different messages and emails from the two orgs. You'll benefit as well from the growth of these two organizations over the year.

This special Ad syndication package is not to be confused with other types of online advertising available from RoundTable such as its Cost Per Impression (CPM) or Cost Per Click (CPC) ads, which by the way do not include exposure in their newsletters.


In case you are not aware of the great value you'll be getting with our Syndicated Ad Package let us point out that the general market for online ads today is about $6 per thousand (CPM.) RoundTable.Media offers both per impression and pay per click ads at $5 CPM. But at $500 for the year, not only is our Syndicated Ad Package unique but the price is extraordinary. You're paying the equivalent of a $3.64 CPM!  That's close to a 40% discount!



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