7 Ways To Make Your Online Presence More Impressive

Acting teacher, Mae Ross, runs 3-2-1 Acting Studios in LA and is a regular contributor to Backstage. She posted 7 Ways to Make Your Online Presence More Impressive back in December and it stuck with me.

Of course, if you're not a performer you will have to do a little interpolation to apply her 7 ways. For example, when she says, Use the Same Headshot Everywhere (#3) what she's talking about is consistency. For the rest of us, this means not only using the same logo and slogan—and using them everywhere—but any important images that we use to represent us or our business. Many creatives and freelancers in the production field (from director to writer, gaffer, sound operator and beyond) work under a business banner. This helps give our business, which is really a professional service, the impression of a being larger entity, perhaps more substantial and more legitimate. We sometimes forget that people who want to hire us for our services are more interested in our personal skill, attitude, work ethic and credits than the need to feel secure with a bigger business. So it's a good idea to promote yourself as a talented individual as actors must. Our 'headshot' might be a staged photo that looks like a production still--for a director, sitting behind a camera; for a gaffer, focusing a light; for an editor, sitting at the computer...you get the idea.

Mae's article is really about personal branding, someting everyone in this business can use. That's why her #1 tip, Have A Simple Professional Website is so important. It's where you want to direct all your traffic with social media, networking, promotions, etc. Equally important in this effort is being found on RoundTable.Media's Professional Directory and other sites like it. Make sure you add as much information and detail to your Directory Listing—especially links between all your online exposure—not just to increase your SEO with google and others but because each exposure should be THE place to grab a potential employer. You never know where the next jobs will come from. So, hook them now! Don't wait for them to click through to your website!  That's why RoundTable.Media's Professional Directory (open only to registered members which is FREE) has so much capability including the ability to post media!

So, go to Backstage.com and read Mae Ross' article 7 Ways to Make Your Online Presence More Impressive leave her a comment and let her know you heard about it on www.RoundTable.Media! 





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Monday, 25 March 2019
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