Around The Table Interviews

You may find some recognizable names among the list of our guests, but Around The Table is not about ratings or star power. It's about sharing and learning from each other. As the name implies, the idea is based on the same concept as our website: friends and equals conversing about business and career for mutual benefit. We created the icon of chairs at a round table to convey that image. Think of someone's kitchen table or even a coffee shop. And of course, whether you work in narrative film, TV, video, audio, social media, web design, or any other associated field, we all fit under the sobriquet, MEDIA!

The guests so far range from performers to techs and everything in between. It's an eclectic list of experts with diverse personalities. But they're all interesting—and very good at what they do! We talk about career, accomplishments, tricks of their trade, beginnings, lessons learned, mentiors and influences and pretty much anything else which comes to mind at the time. I guarantee you'll learn something from each interview and gain a lot of respect for each of these media experts.

We shot the Around The Table interviews in the style of a half-hour talk show (in some cases doing more than one show.) But we'll be posting them on www.RoundTable.Media in quick-view segments of roughly 6 minutes each. Of course you can always watch the four segments which make up any show back to back if you like. You'll find them in the Video Share pages of the website under the category of Around The Table (duh!)

And, by the way, when you post YOUR videos on the RoundTable video pages, (you have to be a registered member RoundTable - its Free!) you'll not only be sharing your work for the benefit of our community members and viewers, you'll be adding exposure for your accomplishments.

I hope you not only enjoy but benefit from the Around The Table shows. We have a lot we can learn from each other! Be sure to 'LIKE" the videos and then, as a registered member, you can send the originator a note! It's all about connecting and sharing!


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Wednesday, 16 January 2019
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