Convergence — Radio Ain't Just Audio

If you peruse  RoundTable's  HEADLINES Page regularly you may have seen this story from TV Technology. If not you will want to read it now. OK, it's no secret that cameras have been put in radio studios -- anyone remember Don Imus? He may have been the first, going back decades! At any rate now they're building "Radio Stations" for video capability.

Why should we be surprised? What's a Talk Show (need I remind you, a staple of television) other than radio with pictures? Is it lavalier mics instead of a studio mic like the Shure SM7B on a gimbol that make the difference? I think not. Anyway, Cumulus Radio's Nashville hub is making news with the integration of video capability. Maybe it's being driven by technology:

“Today’s talent is already in that mode. I don’t have to remind them to do video; they just do it. They’re on Facebook Live, they’re on Snapchat, it’s just part of their DNA. Maybe five years ago, I would have had an issue with it but not now. The talent that’s at a network level has already been through that change." - NASH's PD John Shomby

You'll be fascinated!

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019