Digital Hollywood, Fall 2016, Zettabytes

Digital Hollywood, Fall 2016, Zettabytes

What is a zettabyte?  1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes OR one sextillion bytes.  Still hard to grasp?  That's a trillion Gbytes!  Remember when a 1 Gbyte hard drive seemed enormous?

To place that amount of data in more practical terms, that's about 152 million years worth of HD quality video.  Cisco estimated that in 2015 every second the Internet passed enough video that would take an individual 5 years to watch, yes that's every second.

What's driving this volume?  Except for broadcast television and theatrical releases, virtually all video is delivered over the Internet or as data delivered to mobile devices.  That includes long and short form videos, games, individual submissions such as YouTube, FaceBook Live, etc.  

Other topics that were discussed in depth are Virtual and Augmented Reality that will surely have an enduring impact in games, education, advertising, and specialty subjects such as travel videos.  Most quessing is that adaptation for dramatic presentation will be limited, at best, due to the high cost of viewing devices and enormous challenges in production due to the 'theater in the round' needs for sets and direction.

More women than ever are showing up on the panels as experts and as most panelists at this conference, they are very, very smart.

Digital Hollywood is in the Los Angeles area in the spring and fall of each year, and a mini version in NYC once per year.  For more information go to their website at

For me, this is one of the trifecta of industry conferences along with Cinegear and NAB.  See you there in the spring.

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Marty Shindler on Wednesday, 05 October 2016 14:58

Looking forward to seeing you there, Art.

Looking forward to seeing you there, Art.
Marty Shindler on Monday, 24 October 2016 14:43

Well done, Art.

Well done, Art.
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