FCC Change For the Best

FCC logoIf you read the news on RoundTable.Media Headlines Page in either the TV Week feed or elsewhere you know that Obama's FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, has resigned. While Mr. Wheeler has been a longtime industry name he has done no service to our country's telecommunications industry in this position and I say good riddence!

Of course since he is a Democrat that leaves the comission lopsided in favor of the Repubicans. Now I'm an equal opportunity curmudgen when it comes to the FCC, since both parties have made plenty of politicized bad moves when in charge of the FCC. However the Obama administration has politicized more federal agencies more egregiopusly than ever before—in my not so humble opinion. Quite Frankly the FCC may not be the worst case. Think Justice, EPA and others...  And I wonder if Wheeler isn't resigning early in embarrassment! After all the make up of the FCC, may not otherwise change until quite aways into the Trump administration next year. "Net Neutrality" rules and The Open Internet Order were some of my least favoite things but generally Wheeler did his masters bidding, making the 'Independance" of the FCC a farce. It became a political tool for anti-business Socilalist change (with no shortage of crony capitalism) rather than an independant panel of experts working for the good of the country (no, not for the good of industry.) Let's hope the Republicans take a more measured approach in imposing their ideology (which I am admitedly more favorable towards) starting in January. One of the reasons Trump won (or so goes the pundit's analyses) was the country was sick of political correctness and extreme politics. Pray that Trump and his appointees get that message!

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019