Betting On 360 Video


Marcelo was quick to explain his new passion. "The future is 360 and VR and I'm a huge believer in it. That's why I decided to focus completely on that technology sector. This group, will also focus on everything for 360 video, photography and VR creation for creative professionals."

Now, I have to say, Marcelo is a visionary and as a guy who love tech toys --as well as a highly creative media maker --he ihas a great track record of recognizing trends and getting in on the ground floor. But he's also a savvy businessman and can shift on o dime. My hunch is he's spot on this time and won't be shifing very much.

While 360 cameras seem to me to have a number of limitations, mostly due to it's radical optical skewing of what our normal vision provides, Virtual Reality is simply surround sound in video. The latter actually comes closer to duplication our human experience. The more it can be done without the dizzying fisheye effect still so common in 360 cameras the more it will become a standard tool of filmmakers and storyteller and not just a novelty shot or an effect.

Of course, even as i write this people are making progress doing just that. And Marcelo will be the guy who brings it and explains it and trains you to use it!  Check out Studio 360 VR. and subscribe !


SoCal Media Pros is Formed
Digital Hollywood, Fall 2016, Zettabytes


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Monday, 25 March 2019
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