Is The NAB SHOW Too Big?

It's just around the corner...our annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas. But who can say they've ever experienced the whole event? I'll bet no one can--at least not in the last decade or so or maybe longer. The show has gotten bigger than ever--not that it was ever small! 

But I do remember my last attempt to see it all. It was many years ago and it was a fools errand even then. Now of course it's just ridiculous. The NAB website lists 10 "communities" on it's Nav Bar. And every one of them  is a huge gathering in Las Vegas. The most wonderful part of the NAB Show concept is bringing all the various parts of the industry together. Sure it still happens but on a macro scale but let's face it, most of us opt to save our feet and backs and just concentrate on one or two areas that are most important to us. I may be a throwback of sorts since I still like to be in as many of the general sessions as I can.  And I look forward to hearing Industry Leaders such as Marty Shindler and the panels they put together.  So, Yes, for me the NAB Show is too big because I just can't see everything and meet everybody! But I have to say, I wouldn't have is any other way!  Who needs the excitement of the craps tables when you've got so much NAB to see? 

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019