NAB Survival: Is It The Shoes?

Gotta share a great article on NAB Prep...if you've been there you'll appreciate Chris Hurd's blog--If this will be your first NAB it is a MUST READ! It's on DV Info net with an intro below.

The article in which I try to impress upon you the copious amounts of walking
to be done at what is a very large trade show situated in the Mojave desert.

This will be my 21st NAB. I’ve done the show either as an attendee, as an exhibitor or as registered press every year since 1996. That’s nothing to brag about, though. Last year I sat at a table during a press luncheon where everyone stated how many NAB shows they’ve done. My own count, which was 20, was the second-most junior out of eight of us at the table. One person was on her sixth year, and everyone else had well over 30 shows each. Granted, it was a bit of an exceptional situation, as press luncheons can often be. A lot of folks that attend those things tend to be career professionals who have been going to NAB since it was held in Dallas (indeed, that was a long time ago). My point with this, I guess, is to state that even though I’ve got twenty shows under the belt, I’m not by any means a person who “has seen and done it all.” I’m always learning, always. One thing I have learned from walking the NAB show over the years is that foot comfort is important!

READ the Rest of Chris's Article at

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019