Marty Shindler is CEO of The Shindler Perspective, a husband and wife consulting team with a background that consists of a Big 4 (Coopers of PriceWaterhouseCoopers), top 5 business school (Sloan at MIT) and hands on experience at 20th Century Fox, MGM, Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic, Kodak’s Cinesite and Bank of America.  

iShindler advises clients in the entertainment and entertainment technology space on a wide range of business matters.  These include business and strategic planning, growth strategies, operational and organizational reviews, and trends in the marketplace impacting their businesses now and into the future.  

Marty may be reached at

Grace McKay has been in the production industry in many capacities over the years, including shooter, editor, producer, and film transfer specialist. Here at Roundtable, she is one of the principal partners.

John W. Coleman is a producer-director-writer with over 30 years experience in all forms of media, from broadcast TV and radio to cable and interactive web. He is the Executive Producer of Twin Oaks Communications and a member of the Directors Guild of America. Having worked at four major market TV Stations and on location in 49 of the 50 states, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean he often knows what he is talking about. As a child actor, Coleman was a member of AFTRA—but don't ask him about residuals. He has taught various courses in media and production as an adjunct professor at colleges in both NY and CA. He currently serves on the international Board of Directors of Media Communications Association-international and is a co-founder of Roundtable.Media. And, oh yes, he has an opinion on everything.

Art produces documentaries, events, commercials, & promotes the entertainment arts in Southern CA. Highlights include the "20th Anniversary of A Christmas Story" including much of the principal cast and crew, four episodes of a television pilot, In The Credits, and "The Brick People," the story of a southern California company town during the first half of the twentieth century and its residents, mostly immigrants, who built the world's finest bricks. Art has also been involved in the creation of several commercials.

He has served on the boards of all the major industry organizations in Orange County, CA and is currently the President and Treasurer of Media Communications Association International, LA/OC chapter and has served on its international board.