So What's A Carnet?

If you've never had to take equipment out of the country for a production you mnay never have heard of a Carnet (pronounced, Car-NAY.) It's an internationally accepted document that lists all your equipment (with serial numbers etc) to prove to the various customs officials that you're taking out what you brought in. Why's that important? Because if you brought something into their country to sell they'll want to tax you on it! And conversely if you bought some equipment overseas and want to bring it home the US may charge you and import fee! With a Carnet they check you in and out and no extra taxes! Lotsa time and hassle, but no taxes. So I came across a blog that explainse it a lot better with a little more detail. Check it out at Creative Handbook. By the way you will want to sork with your insurance company when taking any fil equipment out of the country as well.

Forget The Camera!
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Wednesday, 22 May 2019