SoCal Media Pros is Formed

SoCal Media Pros is Formed

MCA-i, formerly known as ITVA,  brought tens of thousands of people together for professional education and inspiration to be the best in a highly competitive and ever-changing industry.   The fate of MCA-i is part of a trend of traditional non-profits trying to adjust to a shift in member needs as more professionals are working as freelance independents, a proliferation of 'film schools' creating their own networking opportunities, and online 'education' of techniques that traditionally were learned from meeting with more experienced professionals.

Many of the local MCA-i chapters were robust and many live on as new, independent organizations, including the LA/OC chapter, now known as SoCal Media Pros.   You can find this list of remaining chapters at and find industry blogs, the ability to showcase your videos without cost, and networking opportunities at www.RoundTable.Media

RoundTable.Media maintains the list of reorganized chapters, as a public service, in appreciation for the talented men and women who made ITVA and MCAI the success it was for some fifty years.


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Monday, 25 March 2019
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