Special Media WorkFlow Workshop on March 2, 2016

To help media practitioners produce high quality product in a fast-changing technical environment, Key Code is gathering the experts in image capture, post production and storage in one evening in Irvine, CA at the Irvine Marriott. The event is free to working professionals.

Panasonic's Doug Leighton, Adobe Systems' Van Bedient and Quantum's Will McGrath will be sharing the stage to answer questions and offer solutions for every situation and every budget. These three companies are known for quality products that fill a wide range of professional needs without sacrificing the quality which working prodution pros require.

Key Code Media is nationally known for helping their clients maximize creativity and efficiencies with 6 offices throughout the US. They sell and support live production, editorial, storage/archive, media management and autiomation solutions.

Do not miss this event! It is FREE thanks to Key Code Media and the sponsoring companies. Sign up HERE and tell your friends.


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