The BEST Advice For Writers

Someone sent me an image of Gary Provost's advice on writing sentences with varying lengths (attached.) He appropropriately calls it writing music--not just words. It may be the absolute BEST advice I have ever seen on writing. Yes, it's basic but it's so important and so beautifully crafted.

As a writer and humble wordsmith myself, this not only struck true but I instantly felt the impact of his demonstration. What a truly great way to make the lesson come alive! I don't know who added the color highlighting, if it was Gary or someone else, but it too helped drive the point home. It also allowed for easy analysis. For me, that was important because when I experience something wonderful, whether written or filmed or even performed, my first instinct is to copy it. Haven't you come out of a concert, or a Broadway show singing the music? Most recently I was arrested trying to dance on the freeway after seeing "La La Land!" OK, not true, but you know what I mean,  

Gary Provost was considered "The Writers Writer." He authored 24 books including a half dozen on the writer's craft. Gary died in 1995 but his popular books are widely avaiable  and his Writers Retreat Workshop is still held refgularly, led by his wife and co-author Gail along with respected writers and agents instructing.

While Gary's name is not unknown to writers I thought this particular image needed to be shared with everyone. Anyone who writes a memo, email or a note should follow it. Certainly anyone writing anything of length should follow it -- and read some of Gary's books on writing.


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Wednesday, 22 May 2019