Top Ten BLOGS by D.P.s

There are tons of great Directors of Photography out there but not that many have great blogs of websites. So it wasn't all that hard picking out our top ten. All these guys are talented beyond belief and some are filled with information more than others. Check them all out and let them know where you saw them first!

10.      Harvey Glen is a British DP who shares a lot of his experiences and education.

9.      Alex Buono is a still young, very creative DP who has learned from mentors Conrad Hall, Dean Cudney and John Schwartzman. With an impressive resume he also teaches others--we like his "How We Did it" series on the blog.

8.    David Kruta has done commercials, documentaries and narrative shorts

7.   John Brawley ASC is an Australian DP who loves to share his tests and lessons learned--all valuable information.

6.       Matthew Scott, besides being an artist with images, Scott's siteoffers downloads of RAW footage from his projects--for educational use only.

5.      Evan Richards is a visual effects artist / cinematographer / director and while not an extensive blog, there's some fun stuff and a wide variety. He's made his blog a reference site for cinematographers, matte artists, painters, artists, photogs and filmmakers.

4.     Philip Bloom is a world-traveling DP who appreciates limited budgets and won't let it prevent him from creating absolutely striking images. He's got a big following in the DSLR world but has shot on just about everything.

3.      Tom Guilmette is a Boston-based Director of Photography who does a lot of sports camera work. He's talented, passionate and he really knows how to share. We like his blog because it's chock full of video —both tutorials and experiences.

2.      Ron Dexter, ASC, has been populating his blog for years with commentary, and valuable lessons on just about every aspect of filmmaking. It's almost all text but the information and opinion is among the best.

1.    Shane Hurlbut, ASC is the real deal and has lots of great information and opinion that he shares freely. He's a great speaker and teacher. Shane's wife, Lydia, also contributes to the site which is a major place for education. He also has a thing called "Shane's Inner Circle " which is a subscription membership.

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Monday, 25 March 2019
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