What's A Producer DO?


What does a producer do? 
"It’s like being the captain of the team. It’s finding the story you want to tell, finding the way you want to tell it, and having taste to decide what will make a good film or play or television program; then it’s about marrying that idea to the right creative team. Who is the best storyteller to direct it? Who is the best writer to write it? Who is the best actor to bring voice to the characters? The producer’s job is to make sure the vision is on course. Then you bring on another partner: studios as financiers or investors in theater. You have to make sure that what they asked for and bargained for is what they’re getting. Then it’s bringing a project to its conclusion: the marketing, the general package. Producing is overseeing the process from the beginning all the way until it arrives at the theater or movie theater." -- Marc Platt as qouted in Backstage.

Check out the whowl article. Platt haqs other interesting things to say!



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Monday, 25 March 2019
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