TV Pioneer Zacherly, "the Cool Ghoul," Passes


The faces of the crew—stagehands and technitions alike—lit up like I had never seen before. And of course, I was fascinated meeting a childhood hero in person. Imagine meeting in person the same goul you had to get had stayed up late to see every Friday night?  We recreated the antics he was famous for, inserting himself into scenses of an old horror movie with humorous comments and skits, watching him chase a gooey brain acoross his 'laboratory" (a head of coliflower with colored gelatin manipulated by stagehands pulling monofilament.) It was all quite delicious fun, especially to be part of creating it and not just a viewer. Zach's appearance energized the station for at least a week.

John Zacherle capitalized on his TV character with records long before "Monster Mash" became a hit but eventually went on to do other things. What his later careers were i don't know but I do hope those who knew him outside of TV understood they were dealing with a true entertainment pioneer, a man who's sense of macabre inappropriate humor gave joy to millions. I have no doubt that whatever he did later in life he was well loved.

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Monday, 25 March 2019
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