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Must be this day in space day -- in 1991 the first true email from space was sent by the crew of STS-43 Atlantis using a Mac Portable & specifically... Show more

Risk and rewards - Earnings season - Sony Entertainment loses $720M for the full year while across town NBCUniversal quarterly profit is $2B.

On the list of astronauts I have met is Dennis Tito, who on this day in 2001 lifted off from Central Asia headed to the International Space Station... Show more

Amazon, Google and Microsoft each hit all time highs in the market. Irony of ironies, Jeff Bezos worth increased >$10B since the election.

Philosophy for our times - Never argue with a fool, someone might not be able to tell the difference.

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Comics reflect reality - With the current rash of airline/passenger issues, it seems this could be reality in the future.

A quick but relevant read in the The Wall Street Journal from Duncan Stewart of Deloitte on the relevance of tablets.

Do you have one? Use it?...
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Basic business concept - decreasing business & individual tax rates result in increased jobs, R&D, corporate profits, consumer spending and overall... Show more

Indicative of the disruption occurring in TV & content, ESPN announced today the long rumored layoffs that include on air talent. Total expected to... Show more

John W. Coleman created new blog post YouTube TV is LAUNCHED! in Around the Table 4 days ago

An interesting article on VideoEdge (Available On RoundTables Media Headlines Page) reviews the new streaming service from ...

NAB is going Hot and Heavy! If you're not there check out RoundTables Headlines Page for industry coverage. It's updated daily!

Tracking the numbers - never looking back - 51% of music revenue in 2016 was from streaming, per RIAA. Tipping point has been reached for music.

Trends in the marketplace - Internet usage by operating system - Windows 39%, Android 37%, iOS 13%.

Given the rise of mobile, it is just a matter of...
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Longfellow wrote: Listen my children and you shall hear about the midnight ride of Paul Revere. On the 18th of April in ‘75…. Today is the actual... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - As with many new products, users find the best way that it suits them. VR apparently is no exception.

Marty Shindler shared a photo. 2 weeks ago

Comics reflect reality - Social media has changed the way people sometimes perceive us & at times how we perceive ourselves.

TV ratings - SNL did well with its live everywhere broadcast, best since February. Will they do it again after the final 3 in May? Will other nets... Show more

Weekend box office - it was all Fate of the Furious - domestic $100.2 & $432.3 ROW, $190M of which was in China. Imax accounted for $31.1M... Show more

Trends in the marketplace - the smartphone has replaced other electronics- tracking the #s - MP3 -87%, portable GPS -80%, digital cameras - 60%.

Marty Shindler shared a photo. 2 weeks ago

Comics reflect reality - batting 500 works great in baseball, but in business and in class work, not so much.