Reverse Engineering Actors!

As a director I love working with actors! I want to help them create the most fascinating characters --within the bounds of the story at hand and the context of the other characters. But often the question for a director is HOW? Which is why I read and study the stuff actors read and study. I want --no, need-- to understand their methods, challenges and fears. What makes them tick?

It's easy for a director or (anyone else for that matter) to get caught up in their own goals and challenges, keeping their nose to the grindstone and plowing through obsticales to get what you want. And a director has plenty to worry about from scenery and costumes to camera, lighting and more. But, Hey, it's a PEOPLE business, and the people your audinece will relate to are the actors! The actors are not just a director's tools to tell the story (not to be confused with Hitchcock's 'cattle') they are THE emotional link to the audience. And as human beings, each very unique and creative, every actor in the show is an important collaborator with the director.

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