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Almost under the media radar, Entecom has completed its acquisition of CBS Radio. Radio is still a force in media and was a vital link during the... Show more

Weekend box office - Justice League far short of expectations w only $96M. Per LA Times, "about $300 million to make, plus marketing spending." That is a... Show more

Indicative of the changing exhibition market, MoviePass cuts prices, offers $6.95 a month plan for unlimited movies

Comcast is the latest suitor for Fox TV and movie assets. Last year Fox was seeking to acquire Time Warner, which AT&T may yet snag. Watching how... Show more

Received a Nokia email today with a “Last chance to purchase an OZO” subject line. The kickoff event for the camera was November 30, 2015.

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Comics reflect reality - AI has impacted us on a day to day basis through our many devices more than many believe. In due time AI will teach us a... Show more

Accelerating toward tipping point - many video subscription services available, but the majority of buyers want the top 4 as HBO continues its move... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - forewarned is forearmed. Lots of ways to know which movies to avoid, Rotten Tomatoes, Social Media, box office reports &... Show more

Weekend box office - still down 5% YTD, but some potential big movies yet to come

1 Thor $56.5M
2 Daddy’s Home 2 $30.0M
3 Murder on the Orient...
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Comics reflect reality - jobs & work are defined in many ways, this is just one of them.

.@Disney reported Q4 earnings yesterday, revenue & net down, more Star Wars, @ABC down 15%. @NetFlix competitor in ‘19 to be priced very... Show more

Building on Friday’s good Jobs Report & 17 year low unemployment rate, the major financial indices closed at record highs for the 2nd day in a row... Show more

Long time head of marketing at Paramount, Megan Colligan is leaving. Par has struggled for a long time, so a change is in order.

Box office rebound - Thor scores $121M domestic & grossed $306M int’l in 2 wks. Bad Mom’s Xmas #2 w $21.6 for 5 days, Jigsaw #3 w $6.7M, Boo 2 w... Show more

Tracking the numbers - the Dow hit yet another all time high at today’s close, due in part to a new Fed Chairman being nominated & the potential for... Show more

We will not know till next qrtr, YouTubeTV’s presence in the World Series will result in a significant increase in new cord cutters.

If you are not familiar with terms for box office, distribution and exhibition, this will give you a good overview.

Box office was off by 13% in...
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Received my first Star Wars screening invitation from PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC). Why? It is a part of my Star Wars story.

Tracking the numbers - all 3 major indices closed up today, Nasdaq @ record high. Dow up 7 months in a row.

Tracking the numbers - Consumer confidence hits a 17 year high at 125.9, highest since December 2000.