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John W. Coleman uploaded a new media, Mantis Vision at SigGraph'16 23 hours 52 minutes ago

Mantis Vision at SigGraph'16

John W. Coleman uploaded a new media, SigGraph Generations of Pros 23 hours 55 minutes ago

SigGraph Generations of Pros

John W. Coleman uploaded a new media, SigGraph'16 Overview 23 hours 57 minutes ago

SigGraph'16 Overview

Pleased to see that @TheRealStanLee ‏ imprinted his hands and feet in cement at @ChineseTheatres a few days ago. Lee has been responsible for... Show more

Marching toward tipping point - NetFlix gains 5.2M subs, but only 1.07 domestically. Saturation? Good earnings, but negative free cash flow nearly... Show more

Weekend box office - War for Planet of the Apes #1 w $56.5M, Spider - Man #2 w $45.2, Despicable Me 3, #3 w $18.9M. Dunkirk next weekend. #1? TBD

A knowledgeable perspective from Duncan Stewart of Deloitte Research on the state of VR.

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Tracking the numbers - by next year, analysts predict more Amazon Prime subscribers, now at 79M, than cable/satellite, currently 93M. Seems a bit... Show more

TV ratings - MLB All Star Game last night effectively tied with last year’s at an all time low. Did you even know it was on?

Streaming media - Major pro sports team owners are setting up an e-sports league with Overwatch. Tech infrastructure and demand is in place to... Show more

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Vizio Files Fraud Lawsuit Against China's LeEco After $2B Merger Fails – this, a story about related company Faraday Futures & Wanda’s recent theme... Show more

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John W. Coleman uploaded a new media, Why We Volunteer 2 weeks ago

Why We Volunteer

Wanda sold its theme parks, having made a big deal about creating them to compete w Disney.

Seems to me this is an indicator of having overspent on...
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Well, Duh, you say. Of course they have. But in many ways more than you would first think. And it's affected our industry's labor market as well as the world of production.   I'm old enough to remember when a TV Season was 39 w ...

Great interview on the most recent "Digital Production Buzz" with Larry Jordan! He talks with Jonathan Handel about the SAG-AFTRA negotiations and what it... Show more

The Future of TV panel that I produced and moderated at Digital Hollywood in late May is now available for streaming.

We had a great group of...
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Weekend box office - looking to be a big weekend for Spider Man, not a surprise, but wondering how big. War for the Planet of the Apes will hit #1... Show more

John W. Coleman uploaded a new media, SEO Best Practices in 2017 [VIDEO] 2 weeks ago

SEO Best Practices in 2017 [VIDEO]

Copyright is something EVERY one in our industry should be familiar with. Generally, we think we know the ins and outs but like every law it can be... Show more

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Streaming media announcement of the day - Hulu expanding its offerings to include HBO & Cinemax. #MarchingTowardTippingPoint