Our CPM (Cost Per Thousand) and CPC (Cost Per Click) packages can both be localized to a specific marketing area. The common term is Geo-Local Targeting. This means your Ad will only appear on those computers (or cellphones or tablets, etc.) with an IP address from that selected market.

The advantages to this form of advertising are numerous:

  • You're not reaching people who can't buy your product/service—or don't care because they're not in your distribution area.
  • You're not paying to reach a larger audience—only your specific market area.
  • It's cheaper than reaching a larger audience.
  • Great for testiing advertising messages or campaigns.
  • Allows you to change your message to different markets.
  • Excellent for offering discounts, coupons and controlling with smaller groups
  • Perfect for smaller businesses in only a few (or one) market.


As you fill out the Ad Form, you can select where you would like your ad to appear.

geolocal example

 Then, Select Your city from the drop down menu.