If your photo for your Community Profile is too small it simply won't load! Maybe you've had trouble because the minimum size acceotable is 140 x 140 pixels. Unfortunately our system will not tell you that the photo is too small—it just won't take it into your community profile! Don't yell at our system—it's sensitive about things it can't change!

Here's the good news: You can upload a larger photo and it will scale it to size. In Fact, if you have a photo in which you are not alone, it will allow you to crop and isolate your image. after loading the photo in, go to EDIT. You'll see a mask appear the size of the final image size—just move that around so your head fills the mask. Voila! You'll have a nice (but small) avatar for your Community Profile! Isn't that much more professional than leaving that pointy-head generic avatar inplace?

By the way, you can use the same cropped photo for your Media Directory Listing as well! But it won't be loaded automatically. You have to actively register for the Media Directory in a seperate place. They're two seperate services so we made the registration for each completely seperate. After all, some folks may want to be in one but not the other —can't tell you why, but it's possible.