Our blog, Around The Table, is designed to give members access to the insights, advice and perspective of industry experts. We've invited only experienced professionals with valuable things to say to contribute. They may not be marquee value names (yet) but their knowledge and opinions are respected.

At this point, while we are still in beta test mode, our bloggers are few in number but growing. While quality is more important than quantity, our goal is to offer many experts on a wide range of topics to help you in your media career and business. Together with another Roundtable.media feature, our daily-updated Headlines - Media Newsfeeds, we want our members to be in the front of a complex, fast-moving industry.

Our inaugural contributors are a diverse bunch with important information to share:

Stephanie Palmer is a former MGM Director of Creative Affairs who knows all about the world of feature films—writing, pitching and more.

Susan Zwerman is a VFX producer, director and author who also hold a Grammy and the DGA's Frank Capra Award For Career Achievement And Service To the Industry.

John Mariani is a successful writer who was a regular contributor to Esquire Magazine for 20 years, has authored 3 novels and 10 books on food and travel and is a popular Ezine publisher.

Larry Stimson has been a web designer/builder for over 20 years. He writes on anything related to websites —from creative to technical and beyond.

Marilyn McLeod (aka Coach Marilyn) is a business & management coach, author of 12 books and a public speaker whose expertise extends from small business and leadership to social media and publishing.

John W. Coleman is a producer, director and writer with over 30 years experience at networks, stations and independent production as well as teaching media.

Art Kirsch is a business consultant and film producer with a background in computer graphics.

Look for new expert bloggers to join us every week to the point where you will find a fresh new useful post every day. And be sure to leave a comment on any posting. Your comments —whether validating or challenging, short or long—put the blogger's post into context for the rest of us. Your contribution adds to the collective wisdom of our community and turns our experts' opinions into the start of a valuable conversation. So Participate!

It won't take long before we have built an archive of blog posts on a multitude of subjects which can be a valuable reference source for our members. Tell your friends, share the articles you like and help build the community. The larger our membership the more we can help each other.

If you have an original article you think is appropriate to post on Around The Table or know of a respected industry professional who wants to join our blog, please contact us.