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We're the place where you can talk to highly educated, motivated media professionals and businesses. These consumers are the movers and shakers of a diverse industry which reaches from entertainment to education and beyond. They are the core influencers not only among ther peers but in the larger society.

Designed to undercut our competition, our advertising offerings are simple and effective because we want the 'little guy' to be able to market themselves like the major media conglomerates. So, no matter what the size of your business or advertising budget you'll find's rates a good deal!

Of course, we're new and membership and viewers are barely on the radar but is growing.The value of your advertising grows along with us. To start, we're offering long-term deals at below-market rates, but as we grow you'll find the value remains more than attractive—that's a promise.

Affordable for Small Businesses and Individuals

Are you a small business or individual and feel you're not big enough, or can't afford to advertise? That may have been true in the past—before RoundTable! We've got a solution for you! wants freelancers and small media businesses to be able to market yourself just like a national advertiser. 

Our localized ad system (GEO-Local ads) allows you to advertise in your local market directly to those who will be looking to work with you, at a cost far below other options. It's the magic of the internet that allows you to target only viewers within a chosen geographic area to see your ad. Less viewers = less cost to you. But here's the thing: They're the only viewers you care about! Why pay to advertise in another city where you don't work or provide services? You're not a national advertiser, so don't spend the $$ to advertise nationally. Use GEO-Local ads! Check out our pay-per-click and cost per impression (CPM) rates and compare to your other options.

For those with larger ad budgets wishing to have even more local presence, our fixed ad positions put your ad on the pages you want for fixed periods of time.

Great Value for National Advertisers Too!

Of course many advertisers who want to sell to a National audience will prefer an ad that appears to every visitor in every market everywhere. You'll find our rates highly competitive! For larger advertisers, GEO-Local ads are a great tool for testing an ad in a specific market before going wider.

Don't Just Advertise — Participate With Your Customers!

Before you buy an ad anywere —even with a great deal like Geo-Local Ads on— you should make sure you are LISTED IN OUR DIRECTORY. It's FREE for a basic listing and very modestly priced (we hate to say cheap, but it is!) for our two simple premium packages.

The value proposition is this: Search engines rank your site based on a number of factors. One of the most important is RELEVANCE. Is your site relevant to the search terms? One way to gain relevance is to become listed on industry-specific websites, such as Roundtable.Media. There are others, of course, and you should have at least a basic listing on ALL of them.

Another benefit of listing yourself and your business on is the ability to directly interact with peers, experts and industry trainers. This is possible through our Community pages, where you can share stories about your work, photos, and videos and media you have created, as well as your demo reels.

 So Really, the question is, WHY WOULD YOU NOT participate in all that has to offer?

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