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Transcript: Meet Bill and Melissa, they built their financial house on stock, bonds and insurance. Then saw it blow away with the first winds of economic change. When Mary lost her husband, she invested in Real Estate, but when the housing bubble burst, so did her financial future. Robert and Rachel discovered the security, safety and stability of American Bullion, the name you can trust for 401k rollovers and IRA transfers. Unlike other gold companies, American Bullion handles all the paperwork for you, hassle free and 100% tax free. Call 1-800-GOLD-IRA (1-800-465-3472) now to speak with one of our gold experts to see how simple working with American Bullion can be. When you do, you'll receive the Gold Guide and the book "The Next Wave" free. Discover how gold can protect your finances and your future. American Bullion, Piece of Gold, Peace of Mind. Call 1-800-GOLD-IRA now.